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  • 4D WAGON
  • kms
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Series III flagship model Highway Star Urban Selection
This is the best highest spec model E51 available in Australia today - genuine 59,000 kms with Japanese History and services up to date. Kms are verified.
We cannot find a mark or a scratch on this Series 3 Elgrand - it is really immaculate inside and out.
Non smokers car.
This E51 Elgrand has the following features:
- Special limited Edition Purple Chocolate paint
- Dual sunroofs (the big one in the rear opens all the way and can be opened with the remote control)
- Dual electric rear doors
- Side and rear Parking camers (makes parking safe and easy)
- AFS headlights )turn left and right at night as you turn the steering wheel - a great way to improve night vision)
- 8 seater (one better than a 7 seater!)
- Urban Selection front and rear spoiler
- Factory tints
- Rear factory drop down monitor (watch your favourite movies in the back) - remote operated
- New tyres just fitted
- Floor mats
- Bluetooth - phone hands-free
- Leather Steering wheel
- Woodgrain interior highlights
- ABS brakes dual airbags
- Factory weather shields (crack your windows for fresh air - even in the rain)
- Non smokers car
- Non accident car.
- Rear wheel drive (safer handling than the FWD E52)
- More interior space than an E52 - with a higher roof line and foldup rear seats

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Mint car with genuine low kms
Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539

We deliver Australia wide - call us for a quote (it's cheaper than you think!)
Est 1971 - family business

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • Purple
  • Automatic
  • wagon
  • 58,970 kms
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Immaculate inside and out This is a genuine low kms Highway Star Premium with BOSE premium sound system and leather interior. This car comes with the original Nissan log books and detailed service history, factory remote and factory Nissan Bluetooth headphones!
Dual SunRoofs
Rear Movie player (factory Nissan one).
BOSE Premium sound
2 Electric power doors (both sides)
Woofer speaker
Passenger front pop-out leg rest
Non smokers car
Factory removeable washanble floor mats
Rear shade cloths (factory)
Traction COntrol
Slip Control
AFS headlights (go around corners)
360 Degree Skyview parking Camera

This is a genuine low milage car in immaculate condition inside and out.
This is rare to get this car in 8 seater configuration.
Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide
Est 1971
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02 97440539
  • Black Purple Pearl
  • automatic
  • wagon
  • 61,993 kms
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Mint condition Nissan Elgrand Rider with special wheelchair access rear lifter ramp and front electric lifter chair.
This is a beautiful RIder S sports model with the following features:
- Dual sunroofs (rear is electric with shade cloths to keep the heat out)
- Dual electric side doors
- Electric front lifter seat (very strong and makes getting in and out easy for anyone - short or tall, big or small)
- Electric rear platform for wheel chairs or mobility scooters
- Roof racks
- Reverse camera
- Tinted windows
- Alloy wheels
- 3.5 litre V6 - smooth and powerful (with good economy)
- Arm rests on all chairs

Immaculate inside and out this is a true luxury sports car with special wheelchair access welcab equipment.
Includes spare key and original log books and service history with stamped services in the service passport.
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We deliver Australia wide

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02 97440539
  • White
  • Automatic
  • Welcab
  • 116,164 kms
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Wheelchair access / Welcab Nissan Serena Hybrid.
This amazing machine utilises Nissan’s cutting edge hybrid petrol/electric technology in a welcab / wheelchair Access purpose built vehicle.
This is a luxury people mover with seating for six people including a wheelchair passenger in the rear.
This car will operate on the smell of an oily rag achieving fuel economy figures of 5-6 litres per 100 kms.
The rear wheelchair electric lifter is designed for heavier wheelchairs (so is better than the Toyota designs). The boxy rear shape of this car also provides plenty of head room in the rear for the wheelchair occupant passenger.
- Parking sonar
- Reverse camera
- rear electrix doors both sides
- Rear opening electric windows
- Tints
- Pearl white paint
- Rear sunshades (roll ap and down into the door apertures!)
- split fold rear seats
- Height adjustable drivers seat

Call sunrise cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide.

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02 97440539
  • White
  • Automatic
  • Wagon
  • 46,272 kms
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Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate -
Highway Star Limited Edition Series II Elgrand with just 71,000 kms
This is the Special Order G50 Paint code variant that gets you the black purple pearl Nissan option paint (simply stunning and special)
This car comes with verified low mileage and is in immaculate condition inside and out.
Includes origins log books and service history from new.
Includes dual sunroofs ( a beautiful feauture with the rear opening massive moonroof being a special feauture on a nice day!)
Includes dual rear electric slide doors.
Non smokers car. Non accident car with leather interior and 8 seater configuration.
Includes AFS headlights (usually on the Series 3 cars) - these lights go around corners (like an eyeball from left to right as the steering wheel turns!).
This is the Best condition most decked out E51 for sale in AUS right now in this price bracket!

Go to SunRIseCars site to see a detailed HD video presentation of this car - a must to watch....

Call Sunrise Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide.
Established 1971

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02 97440539
  • Black
  • AUtomatic
  • Wagon
  • 71,445 kms
Video Available
This is the incredible Fuga Hybrid :uxury sedan - it's realy a flagship model that would be badged an Infiniti in AUS! With a 3.5 quad cam dual throttlebody V6 Skyline heartbeat - It's a super sporty luxury sedan with a low cost hybrid heart fuel cost to run...

It's a very fast rear wheel drive - driver focused car - i.e. its a 4 door sports car with a huge amoint of luxury creature comforts thrown in.
Driving this car -it has two personalities - in easy driving around-town mode - its silent (the electric only mode kicks in!) - and then when you floor it - the snarling 3.5 V6 Skyline VQ motor kicks in and puts a smile on your face!

Go to our internet site at SUnRIseCars to see a detailed video of this car.

Available for sale at DL 287
Call SunRIse Cars 0297440539
We deliver Australia wide.
Est 1971

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02 97440539
  • black
  • Automatc
  • sedan
  • 76,665 kms
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This is like buying a new car - it's as close to perfect as possible - and its a Premium Leather Edition Leaf - it has only travelled 6,000 kms - so its like a factory demo car - at half the new car price!
This Leaf represents incredible value for money - it includes the following options / features:
Full Leather premium interior
Rear solar panel
Premium alloy wheels
BOSE Premium sound system (sounds incredible - a $4000 option)
Heated seats
Heated stering wheel
Aussie English converted dash
Lane departure warning system
Front pillar and side airbags.
Never pay for petrol or diesel again - the fuel savings alone will have covered the cost of this car within 3-4 years of motoring - after this you will be driving an almost free car (apart from annual rego). This car is almost maintenance free (apart from freshening up the tyres and brake pads every few years...). There are no oil changes or regular services required!
To Drive a Leaf is to fall in love with the incredible silent driving sensation! - It's very fast off the lights (which is very fun - especially when you blow past an expensive ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car off the lights! It's so smooth and quiet - it's also very relaxing to drive. If you drive one - you will want one !
Go To SunRIseCars site to see a detailed video of this car.
We deliver Australia wide.
Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
Est 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • black
  • automatic
  • hatch
  • 6,912 kms
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Pearl White Nissan Leaf travelled just 48,000 kms. Always garaged - this Leaf is like new inside and out. Excellent battery health (all our Leafs are tested for battery health).
Incredible to drive - it smooth and fast and silent.
If you spemd $100/ week on petrol - this car will have paid for itself in petrol savings in just 3-4 years.
For example if you pay $20,000 for a Corolla then spend another $20,000 in fuel over 3-4 years - total cost is $40,000 out of your pocket.
Leaf ownership willbe likely halve total car ownership costs - also take into account the Leaf rerquires no oil changes or traditional car servicing....
Range is plus or minus 100 kms per full charge.
Available for sale at DL 287
Call Sunrise Cars 0297440539
Go to SUnRIse Cars internet site to see a detailed video of this car

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • White
  • Reduction Gear
  • Hatchback
  • 48,859 kms
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GT-R V Spec II
This is amongst the best collector grade GT-Rs in Australia. All Japanese history available including deregistration papers and auction sheet. Kms are verified genuine.
It is immaculate and original inside and out.
Non accident car.
Original paint in incredible condition.
Rust free
Mint original interior - clean dash (no dash bubble near the air vents!)
Cold a/c (retrofitted with Aussie legal refigerant gas)
Non smokers car.
Brand new slotted and drilled brake rotors just installed.
Comes with Australian compliance completed and approved for use Australia wide.

Includes Japanese Deregistration papers from Japanese Road Ministry (see the last photo - in Japan the kms are recorded at rego check stations every 2 years and forwarded to the Japanese Road Ministry who keep the records on each car) to verify genuine kms.
Also comes with several original Japanese service stickers to verify history and accurate mileage.
Full service just completed here in Australia.
Comes with the original BBS rims with correct Skynine centre cap logo.
New tyres..
This car came from Japan with the original unused from new GT-R steering wheel in a box in the boot still wrapped in plastic!
Original 180 km/h dash and comes with correct matching dereg papers.
This is a fresh import.
You will be the first Aussie owner.
Comes with new adjustable coilovers, strut brace and pod air intake filters (otherwise she is complety stock standard).
When the car arrived from Japan it came with a vinyl wrap protecting the paint (which we have since removed) - the duco is pristine.
Comes with original GT-R logo floor mats.
Original Brembo brakes with brand new slotted rotors.
Available for sale at DL 287
Go to SunRiseCars internet site to see a detailed 6 minute high resolution video of this car - if you are fussy - this is the right car. If you are searching for the best - this is your car. If you want a fun car with the maximum upside collectability - this is the rarest, most desirable collectors GT-R with only a very small number of V-Spec IIs produced by Nissan. Available for sale at DL 287
Call sunrise cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide.

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • Silver
  • Manual
  • Coupe
  • 74,928 kms
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