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Turbo DIesel Super GL 3.0 litre turbo diesel Luxury Version - more smooth, more quiet, more luxurious than a normal Hiace:
You get the following extras...
Dual rear doors
Luxury interior lining on the sides, roof and floor for better insulation and driving quietness and smoothness
Rear air conditioning (roof mounted) as well as in the front
Central locking (remote) and electris front windows
Luxury front seats
Windows (with tints) all around for better visibiliry (no blind spots when parking and overtaking)
Chrome grille, door handles and mirrors
Original log books, Japanese Dereg papers to verify kms
You also get an immaculare car inside and out that has not been used as a comecial vehicle
Ideal camper conversion car.
Sold as a five seater
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We deliver Australia wide.
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  • silver
  • automatic
  • van
  • 186,787 kms
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Immaculate Welcab / Wheelchair Acces vehicle designed and built totally by Toyota factory - so it's better than the after-market Aussie made products and costs alot less to buy !
Its a totally electric hoist so there is no maintenance requirements
Easy to operate wjeelchair hoist - just press a button
2.0 litre petrol Toyota engine is super fuel efficient and super strong
No special drivers license required
Meets Australian standards
Meets stricter Australian Government use standards with upgrade engineers certificate (available at an additional cost - not necessary for most applications)
This car is not a SuperLong Wheelbase so it is easy to park - it's the same length as a normal car or small LWB Hiace
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We deliver Australia wide.
Established 1971

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  • White
  • automatic
  • VAN
  • 89,501 kms
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Immaculate top of the Range Estima with all the options possible including:
Dual glass roofs
Sonar Cruise control
Sonar Park assist
Multi-Camera parkng assistant (Reverse and side camera)
Rear Luxury Armchairs with pop-out leg rests (Full leather)
Leather and Timber interior highlights and steering wheel
Heated seats
Remote keyless entry
Waether shields
Driving Lights
AFS Headlights (go around corners as you turn!)
Rear electric dropdown movie monitor (factory Toyota one)
Larger factory option alloy wheels
Traction Control
Bluetooth Telephone handsfree

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02 97440539
  • white
  • automatic
  • wagon
  • 93,000 kms
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Immaculate 10 Seater 4WD
This is the GL Luxry Wide-body Mid-roof version - fully lined interior
Original Toyota Maintenance Log Books and some service history
Rear a/c and rear heater
Rear opening windows - slide open X 3
Added ground clearance with the 4WD version
Metalic paint - dark Gunmetal Grey
Driving lights
Chrome Mirrors, door handles and front grille
Fits in Westfield Car Park
Non-Smokers car - immaculate inside and out.
Goes Off-Road!
Unique Hiace = Ready for action
This is an ideal vehicle for a big family or commercial use for off-road applicatons -
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We deliver Australia wide

This car is coming soon.
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02 97440539
  • Gunmetal
  • automatic
  • bus
  • 163,208 kms
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Almost brand New car
Travelled just 6,627 kms - this is like buying a factory Demo car - it still has the new car smell.
Turbo Diesel 4WD with lacking centre diff
This is the best colour conbination- Pearl white - glimmers in the sun, reflects the heat and keeps it cool - and doesnt show the dirt. The charcoal interior is also very practical and doesnt show the dirt.
This is the 8 seater version.
This latest Generation of clean burning diesel Mitsubishis are incredibly good bits of gear - the power and torque figures generated bu this turbo diesel engine are world class - more power and torque than the petrol variant and wau better fuel economy too (all achieved with better than Euro7 Emmissions results)...
Ideal for family car, work car - travel Australia and sleep in the back - tackle beaches, tow your boat - this machine will do it all with style and excellent fuel economy. (7-9 litres per 100 kms - from a big 4WD is staggering!)
Includes cruise control ,tints and electric side slide doors.
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We deliver Australia wide

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02 97440539
  • white
  • tiptronic
  • wagon
  • 6,260 kms
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Bargain Hunters - 10 Seater 4WD - This is a luxury GL Version in metalic black
This Hiace is special because of it's 4WD capability and also because it fits in shopping centre carparks and is easy to park (It's the same length as a normal sedan)
No special drivers license is required to drive this van.
Rear a/c
Rear Heater
Rear windows including opening slide windows for fresh air.
4WD drive train can be upgraded with ARB diff lockers for superb off-road capability.
As it is it's perfect for slippery roads, alpine driving without the need for chains - or boats ramps or beach fishing
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We deliver Australia wide

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  • black
  • automatic
  • 10 Seater
  • 163,190 kms
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Immaculate Hiace Turbo Diesel
Includes rare features of:
Dual Rear Doors - for easy acces from either side of the vehicle
Windows all around - means excellent visibility and no blind spots
Opening rear windows for better ventilation.
Includes log books and history
Foldaway rear seat (no belts)
Keyless remote key and central locking and electric front windows
Metalic bluse paint looks great and is in immaculate condition
Interior front is immaculate
Interior rear is neat and tidy
Non smokers car
Undercarriage is immaculate
Ready for work
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02 97440539

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02 97440539
  • Blue
  • Automatic
  • van
  • 205,948 kms
Video Available
Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate - Reduced Price -
The only words to describe this Estima - "will suit fussy buyer"
Full Leather top of the Range "G" Luxury Model.
Parking Sonar
Full Leather
7 Seater
Luxury front electric drivers seat
Luxury Rear Captains Chairs with pop out Leg Rests
Cruise Control
Parking Cameras
Back pop-up and pop-down rear seats (They disappear into the floor when not required!)
Log Books and history original including Japanese Raod Ministry Dergistration Papers showing genuine low kms
Fresh import - you will be the first AUssue owner
Pearl paint
Non smokers car. Wer cannot find a mark on this car - she's immaculate inside and out!
Electric / remote /touch button side doors - makes it so easy to get in and out.
Go to SunRiseCars internet site to see a detailed video of this car.
We deliver Australia wide.
Call SunRise Cars 02 97440539

This car is coming soon.
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  • white
  • automatic
  • wagon
  • 79,241 kms
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Immaculate 4.6 litre quad cam V8 Toyota Crown Majesta sedan - this is the top spec vesion with every option available including:
Rear electric seat adjustments
Rear climate control and stereo controls
Rear electric sunshade and side sunshades
Electric boot opener
Full Leather with real timber interior
Too many airbags to list...
The ultimate airbag adjustable suspension all around - factory Toyota setup
Pearl paint
Parking cameras
Crusie control with radar technology
This is the quietest, smoothest, punchiest luxury car we have ever driven - simply amazing - better than a Merc or a BMW for a fraction of the price - with cheaper parts and better reliability....!
Call SunRise Cars 02 97440539

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  • white
  • Automatic
  • Sedan
  • 103,224 kms
Video Available
What’s new on the 2016 Nissan Leaf?
The Leaf has evolved slowly since launch in 2010, gaining a tidier interior here, cleverer electronics there, and now a bigger charge capacity to stretch the (theoretical) range by as much as a quarter. The 30kWh battery pack means you can now drive up to 190kms on a single charge.

The battery is the same size as the old one, but weighs around 21kg more, thanks to a different cell architecture inside and uprated power management systems on top. Buyers can still choose the cheaper 24kWh Leaf if they prefer, but this one is the top Spec long range version.
This Leaf has Travelled just 36,000 kms and owners can expect to get several hundred thousand kms from a vehicle with almost no maintenance costs apart from brakes and tyres.

This is a groundbreaking car from this year model onwards with the extended range capability - if you are not planning to exceed 190kms in a day - this car is perfect - just plug her in to the powerpoint at home at night and she'll be ready the next day - with zero fuel bills and zero emmissions.

The Leaf is everthing a budget Tesla should have been - it's comfortable, affordable, green, efficient transport that is super affordable to the average person...!
The levels of luxury, features and comfort are incredible for this price point of vehicle.
Bluetooth connectivity is excellent and installation of Apple CarPlay is recommended to make the leaf do everything your smart phone can do through the screen interface.

We are excited to be able to present the first long range Leaf to Aussies at this affordable price!
This leaf is a top of the range model that includes:
Heated steering wheel (great for cold hands in winter!)
Lane departure warning (a perfect safety feature for tired or wandering eyes)
Bluetooth connectivity which includes a car location feature - never lose your car in a car park again (or great for those big nights out!!!).
Apple CarPlay maps and connectivity is also available (at additional cost)
Stereo music box (upload your favourite music to the car hard drive ).

Driving this Leaf is an amazing experience - it’s sooo smooth and quiet - and remarkably responsive. It feels like a very expensive luxury car to drive....

Home charger kit for Aussies power outlets (charges overnight)
A quick charge (wall mount) kit is an option that can be ordered as an extra feature ($1100)
AGL offers home car charging for $1.00 per day

This car is available from Sunrise Cars (established 1971)
We deliver Australia wide call Sunrise Cars
02 97440539
Go to SunriseCars site to see A detailed video of this car.

This car is coming soon.
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02 97440539
  • Burgundy
  • Automatic
  • Hatch
  • 36,000 kms
Video Available
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