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Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate and unique 4WD Hiace 2.7 litre petrol - This is a special imported Hiace just arrived from Japan.
It is unique not only because it's a 4WD - but it's a WideBody GL (Luxury Version) Camper with dual doors. (Its 15 cm wider than a standard Hiace - so it's way more roomy inside...)
The Luxury GL model gives it the following extras as standard in this Japan only spec:
Colour coded bumpers
Driving lights (factory Toyota option)
Luxury velhour seat trim
Keyless entry
Factory alloy wheels (much better than hubcaps!)
Extra adjustments on front seats
Metalic paint
Factory tints
Rear opening sliding windows for cross ventilation and fresh air
Weather shields
Dual rear sliding doors (allows easy access from either side of the vehicle
Rear heater
Rear air conditoning
Chrome front grille, mirrors and door handles
Full interior lining and insulation against heat, cold and noise
GL plusher suspension
Removeable, washable rubber backed factory floor mats
Constant 4WD or all wheel drive
2.5 inch factory lifted taller suspension (for extra ground clearance off-road)
Mid roof (height is 2.015 - so fits in most shopping centres and car parks).

This is a non-smokers car, non accident car with log books and history from Japan confirming genuine low kms
Can be upgraded with aftermarket diff-locks to be a serious off-road capable machine).

This one has been fitted with a removeable rear bed - ideal for camping.
Comes also with an aftermarket linoleum protective rea flooring (this is removable)

The 2.7 litre engine is hassle free, low maintenance and achieves similar fuel economy to the 3.0 litre turbo diesel with less maitenance costs (This Hiace configuration does not come in a diesel format).

Call SunRIse Cars - we deliver Australia wide 02 97440539
Established 1971

Please note this car is sold as a 2 seater. (Additional seat bealts can be fitted to the rear seats at a small extra cost)

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02 97440539
  • silver
  • automatic
  • Dual Door
  • 174,473 kms
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Superb purple pearl Series 3 E51 Elgrand with option Red / Burgundy Leather interior.
This is a rare and highly sought after special order colour scheme reserved for premium luxury models only.
This is a top spec Series 3 update shape- the last of the E51s.
Superb family car at an affordable price
Call sunrise cars 0297440539
We deliver AUSTRALIA wide.

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02 97440539
  • Purple
  • 4D WAGON
  • 98,797 kms
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Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate -
This is the best original and unmodified Australian Delivered MR2 Bathurst Edition for sale or in existance in Australia.
One of just 77 sold new in Australia in1995 this car has never been driven by its second owner - only stored in a climate controlled garage.
This car is ready to win a concourse prize.
Timing belt was changed in 2004 and the car has travelled just 19,000 kms since then. Always serviced and garaged. This car will suit a fussy buyer or collector and is a sure investment grade car.

We have made a detailed Youtube video of this car in HD which is posted on the SunRIseCars internet site.

Includes brand new Australian made Simmons Forged 3 piece rims with brand new tyres (zero kms).
Targa roof is perfect with shade protectors in place. All rubbers are like new.
Air conditioning is icey cold. The last owner of this car has been OCD fussy with the maintenance and presentation of this car.

This is the best of the Australian delivered Bathurst models because the 1995 model is the purest and lightest one ever sold - no ugly airbag steering wheel or ABS.No power steering which are features that add weight.
This is the Series 3 with the bigger brakes and update engine and round tail lights.

Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide.
Est 1971

History of the MR2 Bathurst:
The W20 MR2 was successfull in numerous forms of motorsports across the globe - especially in Japan and Australia - at Mt Panorama Bathurst where it was unbeaten in the 2.0 litre class for 4 years running. It dominated ints class on the Mountain in the annual James Hardie 12 Hour production car race - not only did it win its class but it gained a reputation as a giant killer - beating most of its rivals at Bathurst that had far more powerful engines. In the four years between 1991-1994 of winning its class it came no worse than 7th overall in 1991 and as high as 4th outright against turbo-charged cars and much higher output cars including V8s...
Its racing success stemmed from its lightness (just over 1000 kgs only) and its superb balance and mid-mount-engine handling characteristics allowing it to be pushed harder around the twisties than much more powerful cars...

The MR2 also won the prestigious Japanese GT CHampionship (or Super GT) and back to back titles in the GT300 class against heavyweight opponents including the BMW M3, Porsche 911 and Ferrari 355.

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • Red
  • 2D COUPE
  • 119,593 kms
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Excellent condition inside and out this is a unique 4WD 10 Seater Hiace GL (Luxury Model).
It’s unique because it’s a wide body (15 cm wider than a standard plumber's Hiace) mid roof (2.015) Hiace LWB (not a super long wheel base).

It fits in Westfield shopping centre car parks and is the same length as most sedans and SUVs - so it’s easy to park. A normal drivers license is all that is required.

The Super GL model has a more plush lined interior and nicer seats than a Commuter, plus chrome exterior highlights, factory driving lights, colour coded bumpers, metallic paint, TINT’s, rear air conditioning, rear heater, tachometer, keyless remote central locking..... and it's fully lined and insulated. The GL also has more plush suspension and it's quieter.
Ideal for family or business we have dealer warranty options available.
This can be upgraded to a 11 or 12 seater at cost).

The 4WD system is excellent for off-road or even light beach work and can be upgraded with the addition of ARB diff locks which can be added to either the front or rear diffs or both to make it into a true off-road machine.

Go to SunriseCars online site to see detailed video of this car.
Call Sunrise Cars 0297440539
We deliver AUSTRALIA wide.
EST 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • Automatic
  • 10 seater
  • 133,953 kms
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Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate.
Tof the range with factory leather interior.
If you are fussy - this STI is suitable for you.
No accidents, no repairs, always garagred - comes with original log books and history.
Paint and body is immaculate and original.
Interior is pristine (non smokers car)

Includes full Invidia Q300 turbo back stainless exhaust including high flow downpipe
Process West Cold Air induction intake
GFB adjustable BOV

Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide.
Established 1971

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02 97440539
  • white
  • Manual
  • Sedan
  • 53,300 kms
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02 97440539
  • silver
  • 4D SEDAN
  • 77,314 kms
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Mint EVO 5
Available for sale at DL 287

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02 97440539
  • Black
  • Automatic
  • Sedan
  • kms
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Factory Wheelchair Access Toyota Hiace Welcab

Designed by Toyota and engineered and built to last. Less expensive than a home made Australian designed wheelchair access Hiace and stronger and more reliable.
All electric hoist components means this wheelchair hoist requires no servicing at all.
Rated to 250 kgs this is a beautifully engineered hoist system designed for larger wheelchairs and taller people.
This Hiace is aone owner car that has only travelled 41,000 kms so it is like brand new inside and out.
Non smolers car.
Car accident car
Rust free.
Its in near perfect condition.
Will suit fussy buyer.
This Hiace has a more generous wheelchair layout with more space for up to 2 wheelchairs at the same time plus seating for four additional people including the driver.
This car comes with an Australian compliance plate as a welcab vehicle. In other words it complies with all the Australian design rules as it comes, No engineers certificate is required (unless its being used for government fleet work). It comes with Australian compliance plate fitted.
No speciallicense is required to drive this car.
No special registration is required for this car (just normal car rego).

This car meets Federal standards (AUstralia wide) We deliver Australia wide.
Go to SunRIseCars internet site to see a detailed video presentation of this car.
Call SunRIse Cars 02 9744539

Available for sale at DL 287

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • White
  • Automatic
  • wagon
  • 41,441 kms
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The ultimate People mover! Why?
Here's why:
More room inside than a Tarago or Estima
1.8 Hybrid means insane fuel economy (We've seen reports of 3-4 litres per 100 kms!)
Its got more boot space than other people movers (including Estima, Tarago, Elgrand Odyssey)
It's a Toyota (enough said)
It's a simple and rugged design without too many fancy electric gadgets
But it does have:
Electric side doors
Proper rear opening windows
Rear climate control
Foldaway rear seats (that split fold up and away)
Go to SunRIseCars site to see a detailed video of this car.
Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide.

Corona Friendly SunRise Cars is doing online selling and sensible on-premises sales deals to keep us all safe.
- GM Philip Lee is available for video calling on Whatsapp or Facetime to do video calls 0416 285 333 .
- All our cars have High Definition Youtube videos on our website with lots more details and more information than you can see in
just online photos.
- We do "Home Deliveries" for any of our vehicles (you don't have to leave the house to get a car from us!)
- We do "Interstate Door to Door deliveries for any of our cars. (It costs very little to provide this service - call us to get a quote).
- You are welcome to visit our premises and test drive our cars (we have strict social distancing policies in place and we wear masks
and have hand sanitiser on every desk).
- We sanitise all our car's steering wheels, door handles and gear knobs after each use.
- MTA inspections are still in operation if you want a detailed pre-purchase inspection carried out.
- All our "Import a Car from Japan" services are still in full operation with no restrictions. For this way of buying a car - it's business as usual.

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • Black Blue Green
  • Automatic
  • Van
  • 128,000 kms
Video Available
10 seater wide body low roof Luxury GL version Hiace - this awesome machine is better than a Commuter and is really the ultimate useful 10 seater vehicle for Australia. Here is why:
It’s not a long wheel base so it’s easy to park anywhere - the SWB length is the same a a normal passenger car so it will fit in any normal car space with ease.
It’s not a high roof - so it fits in Westfield shopping Centre car parks and most garages and carports.
It’s not a bus so anyone with a basic car driving license can drive this car.
It’s got more luxury features than a Commuter including:
Split fold rear seats that can fold up and away to form a massive rear cargo area.
More plush velour luxury seating.
More plush fully lined interior with rear a/c and heating.
Electric pop out side step for easy passenger access
Electric side door - makes getting in and out so much easier for everyone - just press a button and "open sesame!"
Go to sunrise cars site to see a detailed high resolution video of this car.
Available for sale at DL 287
Call Sunrise Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • White
  • Automatic
  • 10 seater
  • 141,193 kms
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