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OK – I am building content to this page as I go….

This page is a personal love affair page because I love Datsun Z cars. When I was a kid – a Kalahari Tan colour 240Z was my first car… and this was no coincidence too…

My dad was a Datsun dealer in Gladesville in the early 70s for a very short time, and in 1971 when I was born an orange 240Z was the car I was carted home in from the hospital! I guess the rules were a little more relaxed back then – (no child capsules or Child Retraint Anchorages Points!) – I was in a wicker basket on the rear parcel shelf, and apparently under heavy braking I ended up in the front footwell between mum’s legs! I’ve never been quite the same since!

Fast forward 19 years and dad had offered to match me dollar for dollar with my savings for my first car… and what should turn up at the yard at just the right time? An old customer that had bought that Kalahari Tan 240Z 20 years earlier came back for a trade in – he reckoned he’d had pretty good service from the old boy and the car had served him well for the last 20 years! So the Zed literally landed in my lap – only problem – it was an auto – but nothing a quick gearbox change and a peddle kit couldn’t fix!

Fast forward another 5 years and dad ventured into some unexplored territory – importing cars direct from Japan… – Of course the first car he bought? A bright pearl yellow twin turbo targa topped 300ZX! – We still had the bug and it was the start of a whole new direction for our family used car business! (Too bad the beaut wharfies down unloading the car at the dock decided that a burnout was an appropriate technique to disemabark the Z-car from the ship – the poor beast ended up mounting four other parked cars and was a total write-off!

Fast forward another ten years and a sneaking mid-life crisis has me yearning for another 1971 (my birth year of cousre) 240Z… the search begins: and this orange car (below checkout the video) was the result of a long search that lasted many years. As soon as I climbed into the car the first thing that hit was the smell – it smelled exactly right – exactly as it should – it smelled like an old Datsun – and the feelings of nostalgia and old memories came flooding back. My wife even indulged me in a little kiss in the front seat when we went for a little cruise on her maiden voyage! This is fun motoring and the memories of good times came flodding back…

Since then I have embarked on a few more Datsun adventures: check out these videos:

If you would like me to help you import a special Datsun from either Japan or the USA – let me know – It would be my absolute pleasure to assist you – I have the best connections overseaes to source special cars and have them checked out very thoroughly… (The USA is a great place to shop for a bargain – especially if you are like me and do not mind Left Hand Drive Cars) And Japan is the best place to shop for these old cars if you have a decent budget and want something special with that JDM flavour…

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