Toyota Voxy Review / Sales

Vox7 7 and 8 seater

The Voxy is a product sorely needed in Australia - we used to have 7 and 8 seater small cars with heaps of space inside available in the Australia market  - but this segment has been neglected for many years by Australian new car franchise dealers>

The Voxy fills the gap for those that want lots of interior space for 7 or 8 people without having to manoeuver a huge SUV or massive van / mini-bus.

And by the way lets do it on proper fuel budget!!! (Read: 2.0 litre Toyota Corolla VVTi engine.... Yes Please!)

And yes - the back seats are comfortable for fully grown Aussie Adults and big kids...

And yes - yes you don't need to be a contortionist, wiley kid or circus freak to get into the back seating positions  - even old guys like me can easily get in and out

Modern touches include electric side slide doors for either one or both side sliding doors (an option available)
Rear windows that actual open and close for claustrophobes like me - this is so very important
Reverse camera  - a must in the modern work of tight parking spaces and city living

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