Nissan Stagea RS260

Edward Lee’s Specialises in the Stagea RS260 by Autech.

These cars were only made in limited numbers by Autech (a special development branch of Nissan – similar to HSV to Holden in Australia).

Why do we import these hard to find machines? Because we reckon it’s the ultimate wagon on the planet if you love high performance supercars, need a family wagon, and if you are not a millionaire….! Also these cars are appreciating in value – this can’t be said about many used cars – but these are a vey sound investment.

What do you get?  You get a Godzilla GT-R with a wagon on the back. This car is all GT-R running gear including the venerable RB26 twin turbo and Attessa torque sensitive 4WD system that slayed the Ausies muscle cars at Bathurst on the early 1990s…! Plus you get a comfortable family wagon thrown in with climate control a/c, 5 seating positions and a wagon in the back to throw you surf-board or the kids bikes….

How many were made? (I don’t know – but they are bloody rare in Japan and even harder to find in Australia…!) Let me know if you have a production number… (Phil Lee)

This car uses the Skyline GTR R33 engine and four-wheel-drive, 5-speed manual driveline, these cars punch out approximately 310Hp.

The upgrades Autech to the Stagea RS260 include a stronger rear anti-roll bar, front strut brace, a mechanical LSD for the rear diff, massive Brembo disc brakes with ABS and drop-forged light-weight BBS alloys wheels. The straight line speed, braking and cornering is massively improved over the standard Stagea. There is also a Nismo tuned version available whose 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5.1 and 13.6 seconds