Mighty Mods

Phil here from Edward Lee’s:

Just got a call from Marty and Moog it went a bit like this – “Phil we want you to bring in 2 unique high performance JDM sports coupes from Japan for a Mighty mods series of car challenges ….. and while you’re at it, please explain to our readers exactly how to import a car from Japan……”

OK guys – no problem:

And then Moog started carrying on about S15s and Supras and all this old hat import stuff…. bla bla – been there, done that…

I said “shut up Moog, I will get you 2 cars for your import challenge – just leave the car choice to me – I will get you a surprise pair of “mystery imports” that will freak you out – this will be the latest high tech cutting edge in JDM imports to AUS”…

I was shocked because he actually agreed…! (it’s Moog’s money and I get to choose the cars – yeehar!) – - “Ha Ha – gotcha Moog” –

…. Stay tuned for the rest of this story to find out what we bought for Mighty Mods…..

Cheers Phil Lee